1. No one calls an engineer to catch up. People only call engineers to ask for things. Therefore, answering the phone is always the wrong thing to do.

  2. Without a doubt, whatever an engineer is currently doing is vastly more interesting than talking to you on the phone … unless it’s a girlfriend or wife calling. Tricked you. Engineers don’t have those.

  3. Phone Call = Obligation to Talk = More Work = More Opportunity for Blame for Helping Someone Else

  4. Because engineers are always thinking about something else while people talk at them, they rely on visual cues to know when it’s their turn be polite and respond. The phone makes this REALLY awkward.

  5. The internet doesn’t mind when you stop in the middle of an article and change subjects. People get mad when you hang up in the middle of a conversation and call someone more interesting.

  6. Engineers like to concentrate really hard on one activity without interruption. Try watching a whole movie, going for a walk, driving somewhere, or just having a complete conversation without answering, or even bringing, your phone. If people in 1995 could do it, you probably can too.

  7. Engineers have lots of hobbies. Waiting by the phone for it to beep, ring, buzz, or sing is not one of them.

  8. Because YOU can… make sure stuff’s plugged in, unclog a drain, tighten a screw, remove string from the vacuum, reboot your computer, replace the batteries, or take your car to a mechanic all by your freakin’ self.

  9. It’s OK to call an engineer when you have a cool science or math question because they will surely know the answer. WRONG! Google knows too.

  10. Engineers would rather take their phone apart.

:Source: = http://industrialinterface.com/blog/2009/09/03/10-reasons-engineers-hate-the-phone/


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