New Obnam Manual version 1.8.0-1.

A new version of the manual with the commands now in separate chapters, following upstream.

There is a regression in the version number whilst I get git sorted out on it.

New Obnam Manual version 1.8.0-1

The Obnam Manual, version 1.8.0-1 of 2014, is a PDF document designed to be read and used online and not printed out. It weighs in at 179 kbs but is still very useful. It is a "work-in-progress" so you will see it changing as time goes on. It explains very simply, with sample configurations, how to use `obnam' for your backups, and how to restore from these backups.


Updated on 4 October 2014.

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Update on ‘beeb’.

Due to changes at the BBC, ‘beeb’ is no longer able to download any
programmes for radio or tv feeds. This is due to the BBC having
removed the programme data feeds used by get_iplayer. At the moment
there is no fix available, but when, if, they replace the feeds I
will post the fix available here.

I’m sorry for this situation, which is totally beyond my control.

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An updated “plank!”

The plank version in Debian Jessie/Sid is a bit old, it being version 0.6.1-1~experimental1
and the plank project has moved on since then. The current version is 0.7.1
which was released on 23 September 2014, and there’s talk of 0.8.0 too.

The url for the packages is
and the packages that I used from that site are –

This has given me a very stable “plank!”

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SOLVED! Yesterdays lightdm upgrade broke it!

If you use ‘lightdm’ to log on with and Debian jessie/testing, you *will* have a problem at your next reboot! Yesterdays upgrade of ‘lightdm’ broke the configuration, with bug #762211.

The solution is to do ‘sudo leafpad /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf’ and comment out both of these two lines

Then reboot and lightdm will return as normal.

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My `gitcron’ script.

As I’m now using git for version control of my latex documents that I am
writing I have automated the committing to git. This is the script that I’m
using, called gitcron' -

This is saved to /home/$USER/bin and run from this cron-line -

And this is the .gitignore’ that stops some files from being committed.

What this does is that every three hours it checks all the files of beeb' or
obnam’ and if it finds any changes that should be committed, and are not in
`.gitignore’ then they will be committed and an email sent to me showing what
it has done. And this email looks like this –

This shows that there were 6 changed files and committed in /home/$USER/research/obnam, and there is nothing to commit in
/home/$USER/research/beeb. This simplifies things if I forget to manually
commit stuff by doing it all for me, and it could be run once a day if you
wanted, just change its frequency in your crontab.

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New Obnam Manual version 1.8.0-4

A new version of the manual now with 2 indexes, the first of which has all of the commands.

Download link removed as new version released.

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New Obnam Manual version 1.8.0-1

A new version of the manual now with 2 indexes, the first of which has all of the commands.

File download link removed, as new version uploaded.

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Obnam Manual version 1.8

A new version of the manual, complete with “Table of Contents”, an “Index” which includes all of the commands available.

Removed as new version uploaded.

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Obnam Manual v1.5

A new version of the manual, complete with “Table of Contents”, and an “Index” which includes some of the commands available.

Removed as new version updated.

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Transferring books to a Kindle Fire

Debian see’s a Kindle Fire as a mtp device[mtp], so you have to mount it as “jmtpfs /media/boudiccas/k2″ where k2 is your device name, which then says –

and it mounts it to “/media/boudiccas/k2″ which you can verify by opening it
in your file manager, which then shows “/media/boudiccas/k2/Internal storage”.

From here you are supposed to be able to rsync or obnam backup, except that you get loads of errors which make it virtually unusable.

So how do you get it so that you can access the file system on the kindle
fire? I’ve tried using “airdroid”, an android app on the kindle, but this
didn’t work for me.

The solution is to use an android app called “ftp server”, and with the kindle fire connected to your computer using a USB cable, start “ftp server” on the kindle, and it will display on the screen something like this –

Then on your computer you need to start “krusader”, and use “New net
connection” and put the above ftp details into the popup window, and it will connect to the kindle fire and its familiar file-tree. From here on you can transfer over books to whatever directory that you want.

You can verify that they have transferred successfully by them appearing on the carousel of the kindle. Success!

By using “krusader” you can transfer files across anonymously and delete files on the kindle fire, if you try using “filezilla” it won’t allow you to delete
any files nor transfer files over. It is the same if you try using “gFTP”.

mtp: “media transfer protocol”, a MS-windows specific protocol.

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