I recently had to do a fresh install of debian 6.0.4 due to trying to upgrade to wheezy [debian 7] and failing when my /usr got down to 7.5mbs and it still wasn't completed. So I reinstalled everything into one giant partition so I'm no longer worried about running out of space. I restored my home directory from my backups so I was soon up and running.

These are the main programmes that I installed and in what order ;-

vnstat, logwatch, rsync, ntp and then kmymoney, kmail, knode, kdf, iceweasel winff, handbrake-gtk, transmission, gftp,xchat, xchat-gnome, k3b, gdesklets, glrellm gwhere, nanoblogger, tomboy, krusader, gramps, gourmet, leafpad, revelation

and then I stopped recording them.

Kdf contains kwikdisk which is a very useful little program for showing the disk usage and how much is free and I use it quite a lot. So now I have a big shiny installation of debian to use and to avoid breaking too.

I still want to upgrade to wheezy but I'm falling foul of a known bug when I try to do an upgrade, and when I try to do a fresh installation I cant because there is no graphical option on the installation menu. So I'll wait until they've got that sorted out then and try again at a later date.


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