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I recently bought myself a new 3TB external USB drive and had all the joy of moving my obnam backups on to it, but it was relatively easy by using this new 'mv' as it has a progress bar! To use it you have to -

mv -g /home/user/foobar/foo /home/user/foo

but if you look in the man file you wont see any reference to the '-g' option, thats because this is a new and shiny 'mv'!

You use it as I've shown in the code-line and it will then start copying stuff to its new position, whilst showing a progress bar at the bottom of the terminal along with an estimate which counts down of how long it should take. When its completed the copy, it then deletes the source file, which means that you can interrupt it and even stop it, because stuff has only been copied so far. Only at the very end does it start deleting its source file or files, which its already copied over.

In the instance that I used it I found it extremely useful and was able to leave it working overnight in the knowledge that it would work correctly and delete cleanly.

If you want to try it out, you can get it from my bitbucket site in the side bar, and then place it in your /usr/local/bin for you to use.

Have fun with it. :)


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