I've decided to back up my music collection to DVD, and one folder contained 2976 mp3s, which came to 18.9gbs, much too big for one DVD. so I used genisoimage with the command -

genisoimage -o ~/irishceltic.iso /home/boztu/Music/Irish_Celtic_Music_Collection_Version_2 .

This gave me a single file called "irishceltic.iso".

But there is a problem, genisoimage truncates the file names at the first space that it encounters. To get round this I use the following script;-

 # From James Morris, Kent Linux Users Group, 2012

find $1 -type f \( -name '*.mp3' -o -name '*.MP3' \) |
 while IFS= read -r NAME;
 DEST=`echo "$NAME" | tr ' ' '_'`
 mv -v "${NAME}" "${DEST}"

This is saved in my cron folder and called renamemp3s.sh and is called from the command line with the folder you wish to work on after its name. So this script is run first and then genisoimage is used afterwards.

Then I used split to make it into 4gb files, as .... split -b 4000m /home/boztu/irishceltic.iso ...... and the resulting files were 3.9gbs. They were saved as xaa,xab, xac, etc and just had to be renamed xaa.iso, xab.iso, etc.

Then I used k3b to burn the image onto DVDs very easily, which now means that i can play them from the DVD drive and can delete the originals leaving me with more space for more music.

But k3b also creates a problem, in that it truncates the file names to the first 12 characters, and I suspect that there is no way round that, unfortunately.


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