I have long had the problem with running cairo-dock under fluxbox in that it locks up the workspace [think 'desktop'] so you are effectually useless! I've reported it to the cairo-dock community and developers, and was told that it was a fluxbox problem, which I denied as it only occurred with cairo-dock. There the situation stalled, in that cairo-dock was useless whilst using fluxbox, until yesterday.

Some ubuntu user had trolled that cairo-dock worked okay on his fluxbox setup, and gave version numbers of what he was using, so I replied that it would be more valid if he was using up-to-date software, and quoted my version numbers. Then a developer replied asking me to run cairo-dock -l debug and post the results, which I did. By this time cairo-dock was segfaulting and didn’t run.

Another developer asked me if I could run 'a backtrace of this crash with GDB', and pointing out very comprehensive instructions as to what to do and when. So I set it all up and ran following their instructions, and then posted the output for them. And that’s where the situation is at the moment, but I'm encouraged by the activity in the last twenty-four hours, in that a long-standing problem with cairo-dock and fluxbox may well be on the way to being sorted out. So, watch this space :)


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