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For about a week now I've been struggling with datapacker which is a tool to pack files into the minimum number of bins as you specify to burn as a CD or a DVD, and who's homepage is at . The programs author, John Goerzen, has been very kind and helpful with a guiding hand and advice as I struggled to master the program.

It is a very good program but needs you to be precise in what you're trying to achieve. I wanted to know the minimum number of DVD's that I would need for a certain directory containing mp3s. So I ran it as this command line -

datapacker -b ~/Music/irish_celtic/%03d -s 4g -a hardlink ~/Music/irish_celtic/*.mp3

It gave me three bins, so I know that I need three DVD's for them to be burnt to.

Again it will not work if there are spaces in the titles of the album, so you need to replace them with underscores, as detailed elsewhere in this blog.


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