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Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll, died on August 16th 1977, whilst sitting on the toilet! Regardless of where he was when he died, it was a great shame and pity that he did so. He was arguably the greatest rock and roll singer and performer that genre of music has ever known. I, for one, miss him, as he was such a larger than life character. He was very generous to those in his inner circle, frequently giving cars and other gifts to them as he just liked giving stuff away. His films weren't too good, they were just really vehicles for his songs.

But when he was conscripted into the army he went and performed his patriotic duty, serving his full time in the army, part of which was spent in Germany. When he left the army he was a sergeant, and he then went back to civvy street and to his music career.

As I said, I for one, will miss him and his songs. Although many of his songs still remain on vinyl and cd's, it wouldn't surprise me to hear that a back catalogue of his recordings have been found. Many people have tried to imitate him, but all fail to one degree or another, he was priceless!

Rest in peace, Elvis Aaron Presley.


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