I'm currently listening to Sky FM Classical on 'Pyradio'! This is where you can download it from https://github.com/coderholic/pyradio but you can download a zip of the repo and install from that. Its home page is at http://www.coderholic.com/pyradio

To install it you will need python 2.6+/3.2+ & mplayer or vlc & python-pip, and then its just a straight

'sudo pip install pyradio'

It can be launched from the command-line as it uses ncurses to play in, with pyradio -h and it displays its help screen. The sound quality is good, with most of the radio stations being Sky FM or SomaFM. It suggests that you can get further radio stations at http://www.iheard.com but, when I tried it it was a dead link, seemingly live in 2007 and now dead! So if you want to add new stations to it then you'll have to take them off my list in the posting of MPD playlist. It saves its station playlist to /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pyradio/stations.csv, which is very easily readable and easy to change.

Overall its a nice player, but not up to the standard of MPD and ncmpcpp which for me is the gold standard!


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