I've been using CentOS for the last four years and got to know it quite well, but I'd become stale, it wasn't fun anymore. I needed a change, so I tried out Ubuntu, and Kubuntu as I like KDE, but neither really satisfied me. So I tried Debian 6 on my laptop and I liked what I saw, so now I have Debian 6 as my main desktop and am getting to know it. Its rock solid and stable, and kmail and kontact haven't crashed in a week of using it, whereas kontact seemed to crash virtually every other day on CentOS.

I haven't got it set up as I like yet, I haven't got my scripts set up so that I'll know when there's updates, but for now, I'm relying on doing an apt-get upgrade every evening to see what it picks up, if anything.

And at the same time of me changing operating systems, my ISP [talktalk] were moving everyone off their old tiscali accounts and onto new talktalk ones. So now I've got the joy of telling everybody about my new email address, which is, and I'm going to obscure it for the sake of bots crawling the internet and harvesting email addresses - but its 'famous British Queen of the Roman [email protected]' There, that should keep the bots away :)


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