For several days now my MPD has been very choppy, dropping connections and having great difficulty in starting it again. So I finally decided to look at 'mpd.log' which is in my '/home/boudiccas/.mpd/mpd.log'. And in it I found this -

Nov 09 17:56 : output: Failed to open "MPD ALSA EQ" [alsa]: Failed to open ALSA device "plug:plugequal": No such file or directory

So, if its not working then comment it out, so this was what I commented out -

#audio_output {
#    type        "alsa"
#    name        "MPD ALSA EQ"
#    auto_resample    "no"
#    use_mmap        "yes"
#    device        "plug:plugequal"
#    format        "44100:16:2"    # optional
#    mixer_type     "software"  # mine added in
#    mixer_device    "default"    # optional
#    mixer_control    "PCM"        # optional
#    mixer_index    "0"        # optional

So I restarted MPD, but it wouldn't restart! So back to the log again. Which showed this -

Nov 09 18:10 : output: Failed to open "MPD ALSA" [alsa]: Failed to open ALSA device "default": Device or resource busy

So again I commented it out, and restarted it. And it worked! And it sounds absolutely great with no choppiness, or stopping. So lets hope that it stays working okay. So, if its not working well, have a look at the log and take action from there.


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