I now think that I have the perfect usermenu! Its got absolutely loads of styles, and also backgrounds, and they're all available from the menu. And here it is -

[begin] (FluxBox)
         [exec] (Claws-Mail)    {claws-mail} 
         [exec] (google-chrome) {google-chrome} 
        [exec] (TEA Text Editor) {tea}
        [exec] (Pogo music player) {~/programmes/pogo-0.8.1/pogo.py}
        [exec] (hnb) {xterm -e hnb}
        [exec] (Filelight) {filelight}
        [exec] (bareftp) {bareftp}
        [exec] (filezilla) {filezilla}
        [exec] (jftp) {jftp}
        [exec] (ncftp) {ncftp}
        [exec] (tnftp) {tnftp}
        [exec] (Seahorse GPG manager) {seahorse}
        [exec] (gftp-gtk) {gftp-gtk}
        [exec] (krusader) {krusader}
        [exec] (whaawmp film player) {~/programmes/whaawmp-0.2.14/whaawmp}
        [exec] (QpdfView) {qpdfview}
        [exec] (GenealogyJ) {~/GenealogyJ/run.sh}
        [exec] (Revelation 4 passwords) {revelation}
        [exec] (URXVT) {urxvt}
        [exec] (Sound configuration) {xterm -e bash start}
        [exec] (AWN docky) {avant-window-navigator}
        [exec] (Screen Lock [bound to CTRL+ALT+L]) {i3lock}
        [exec] (About) {(fluxbox -v; fluxbox -info | sed 1d) 2> /dev/null | xmessage -file - -center}
        [exec] (make a new menu) {mmaker fluxbox -f}
    ##[submenu] (My Menu)
    ##[include] (~/.fluxbox/usermenu)
        !#[submenu] (My Menu)
        !#[include] (~/.fluxbox/usermenu)
    [submenu] (Styles)
            [stylesdir] (/usr/share/fluxbox/styles)
            [stylesdir] (~/.fluxbox/styles)
            [submenu] (Styles1)
            [stylesdir] (~/.fluxbox/styles1)
            [submenu] (Styles2)
            [stylesdir] (~/.fluxbox/styles2)
    [submenu] (Obnam)
        [exec] (conf) {gksudo leafpad /etc/obnam.conf}
        [exec] (backup) {DISPLAY=:0 /home/boudiccas/cron/notify-send}
        [exec] (backup etc) {gksudo /home/boudiccas/cron/notify-send2}
    [submenu] (tint2)
        [exec] (kill tint2) {pkill tint2}
        [exec] (start tint2) {tint2}
    [submenu] (Conky)
        [exec] (Conky die) {pkill conky}
        [exec] (Conky all start) {conky -dc ~/.conky/.conkyrc9 & conky -dc ~/.conky/.conkyrc_exgerman & conky -dc ~/.conky/.conkyrc5a}
        [exec] (Basic) {conky -dc ~/.conky/.conkyrc-basic}
        [exec] (Solo) {conky -dc ~/.conky/.conkyrcA}
        [exec] (Solo+) {conky -dc ~/.conky/.conkyrc11 & conky -dc ~/.conky/.conkyrc-basic}
        [exec] (Ex-german) {conky -dc ~/.conky/.conkyrc_exgerman}
        [exec] (testing) {conky -dc ~/.conky/.conkyrc10B}
        [exec] (Conky) {conky}
        [exec] (Recent) {conky -dc ~/.conky/.conkyrc12}
        [exec] (Which Conky do you want to use?) {conky -dc ~/.conky/.conkyrc $(zenity --entry --text "Enter conky number")}
              [submenu] (Debian Menu) 
                [include] (/etc/X11/fluxbox/menudefs.hook)
        [submenu] (Emacs)
        [exec] (Emacs) {emacs}
        [exec] (Emacs 23) {emacs23}
        [exec] (Emacs 24) {emacs24}
        [exec] (Debug Emacs) {emacs --debug-init}
        [exec] (daemon) {emacs --daemon}
        [exec] (Client) {xterm -e emacsclient "$@" -a "" }
        [exec] (Snapshot) {emacsclient.emacs-snapshot}
         [submenu] (Start up)
            [exec] (Cryptkeeper) {cryptkeeper}
                [exec] (Zim wiki) {zim}
            [exec] (Globonotes) {~/programmes/globonote.sh}
            [exec] (Yakuake) {yakuake}
            [exec] (Xcompmgr) {xcompmgr}
            #[exec] (Cairo-Dock) {cairo-dock -c}
            [exec] (tmuxgo) {xterm - tmuxgo}
     [submenu] (Man pages)
     [exec] (Tmux manual) {xterm -e man tmux}
     [exec] (Vim manual) {xterm -e vim -c 'h user-manual|only'}
     [exec] (URXVT manual) {xterm -e man urxvt}
     [exec] (emacs manual) {xterm -e man emacs}
     [exec] (Which man page do you want to read?) {xterm -e man $(zenity --entry --text "Enter man page name:")}
      [submenu] (Virtual machine)
      [exec] (QtEmu) {qtemu}
      [exec] (AQEMU) {aqemu}
      [exec] (Qemu Launcher) {qemu-launcher}
      [exec] (VirtualBox) {virtualbox}
      [exec] (VMware Player) {vmplayer}
        [submenu] (Tools)
      [exec] (Window name) {xprop WM_CLASS|cut -d \" -f 2|gxmessage -file - -center}
      [exec] (Screenshot - JPG) {import screenshot.jpg && display -resize 50% screenshot.jpg}
      [exec] (Screenshot - PNG) {import screenshot.png && display -resize 50% screenshot.png}
      [exec] (Regen Menu) {fluxbox-generate_menu}
          [submenu] (File Utils)
    [exec] (nautilus) {nautilus --no-desktop}
    [exec] (root nautilus) {gksudo /usr/bin/nautilus}
    [exec] (pcmanfm) {pcmanfm}
    [exec] (Thunar) {thunar}
    [exec] (Nemo) {nemo --no-desktop}
    [exec] (Dolphin) {dolphin}
    [exec] (SpaceFM) {spacefm}
    [exec] (eterm+) {Eterm -T "Dr. Byte Console" -g 80x24+280+148 -t trans}
    [exec] (xterm+) {xterm -geometry 80x24+60+40 -bg Black -fg Yellow -cr Orchid -ms Orchid -fn fixed -T "Dr. Byte Console"}
        [submenu] (Backgrounds)
        [wallpapers] (/usr/share/backgrounds)
        [wallpapers] (~/.fluxbox/backgrounds)
        [wallpapers] (~/wallpapers)
    [submenu] (testing)
    [exec] (everything running listed) {xterm -e ps au}
        [exec] (irssi) {urxvt -g 90x40 -vb -tn xterm-color -tr -sh 50 -fade 90 -trsb -rv -sl 1024 -e irssi}
            [submenu] (Config Files)
            [exec] (Fluxbox Menu Edit) {leafpad ~/.fluxbox/menu}
            [exec] (Fluxbox Key Binds) {leafpad ~/.fluxbox/keys}
            [exec] (XF86Config) {gksudo leafpad /etc/X11/XF86Config}
            [exec] (.xinitrc) {leafpad ~/.xinitrc}
            [exec] (.bashrc) {leafpad ~/.bashrc}
            [exec] (.bash_profile) {leafpad ~/.bash_profile}
            [exec] (.bash_aliases) {leafpad ~/.bash_aliases}
            [exec] (/etc/fstab) {gksudo leafpad /etc/fstab}
            [exec] (.conkyrc) {leafpad ~/.conky/.conkyrc}
            [exec] (.conkyrc5) {leafpad ~/.conky/.conkyrc5}
            [exec] (.conkyrc9) {leafpad ~/.conky/.conkyrc9}
            [exec] (UserMenu) {leafpad ~/.fluxbox/usermenu}
            [exec] (obnam conf) {gksudo leafpad /etc/obnam.conf}
            [exec] (conky conf) {gksudo leafpad /etc/conky/conky.conf}
            [submenu] (Exit)
            [config] (Configure)
        [reconfig] (Reconfig)
        [restart] (Restart)
        [exit] (Log off) {exit}
        [exec] (Reboot) {gksudo shutdown -r now}
        [exec] (Shut Down) {gksudo shutdown -h now}

The vast majority of the styles come from here - fluxbox styles and stuff that probably matters http://tenr.de/styles/.

And this is an excellent site for wallpapers http://wallbase.cc/toplist/0/23/eqeq/1024x768/0/100/32/3d.


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