A new ‘mv’

Date Tags commands

I recently bought myself a new 3TB external USB drive and had all the joy of moving my obnam backups on to it, but it was relatively easy by using this new ‘mv’ as it has a progress bar! To use it you have to -

mv -g /home/user/foobar ...

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Finding information about your mobile phone

Open the dial pad and type the following -

*# *#4636# *# *

And you’ll see various hidden things about your mobile.

Convert a .mkv file to a .avi

Command line to convert a MKV file to a smaller xVid AVI file, by reducing the video bit ...

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I’ve used sudo updatedb and then locate foo to find things on my system, and that worked for some things but not others. I needed something more powerful, enter ……….. Grep!

Grep works as

grep pattern file-name1 file-name2

as in

grep 'Bin 01' /home/boztu/Music/*

Which shows all instances ...

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