Obnam Manual v19.1

Posted: 2016-01-17

A new version of the Obnam Manual that now includes both the help file, the extended help file, and the 'man' page. This is version 19.1, with the date of 17 January 2016

Download - Obnam Manual, version 19.1

beeb v7.5

Posted: 2015-04-06

A new version of beeb which is the source, including the manual, and a separate download of the manual only.

Its now possible to display the programme listings from within the script, and you can now download at least 67 files in one session!

Download - Documentation

Download - Documentation + source code

Quick and dirty guide to "Get_iplayer" v1.5

Posted: 2014-11-07

A not so small booklet showing exactly how to download programmes using "get_iplayer" of just 11 pages, and weighing in at 200kbs. It now shows how to use the web-end and that will download programmes from a list you input.

An update to the document giving clearer instructions, along with a couple of screen-shots.

Download - Quick and Dirty Guide to ’Get-iplayer’