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Updated pdfbuild, version 3


Redo Your To-Do List

restic scripts - amended to version 2

restic - backup

restic - integrity checking

restic - unlock

Backups after the demise of Obnam - Analysis of borgbackup, restic, and zbackup

Referencing a Newspaper Article in org-mode/latex

'pdfbuild' - from tex to PDF - version 2

What’s On Your To-Don’t List?

Move TeX-Live xxxx

Tips for coping in hot weather

Sleeping in hot weather

org2latex - a yasnippet

'pdfbuild' - from tex to PDF

A puddle underneath the keyboard!

5 rules for taking creative criticism

New Obnam Manual, version 19.1

ToDo List

5 Advantages of a To-Do List

Why I use a ToDo List

How to setup, and remove, multiarch in Debian Jessie

How I've set up pelican - part 3 - Themes

How I've set up pelican - part 2 - The conf files

How I've set up pelican

The productivity trick one author used to write over 40 books

22 Lessons from Stephen King on how to be a great writer

Its a new look!

Using a ppa repo on debian

New Obnam Manual

*New* beeb 7.5

An updated radio feeds script

mpd super-feed!

At last, a working BBC radio feeds

Do you have a 'recovery plan'?

Emacs init from an org-mode file

UPDATE - The Quick And Dirty Guide To ”Get-Iplayer”

UPDATE - 'beeb' is working again!

Update on 'beeb'

An updated "plank!"

SOLVED! Yesterdays lightdm upgrade broke it!

My `gitcron' script

Transferring books to a Kindle Fire

Life on the bleeding edge 2 – get_iplayer

Ranking of percentage of free space on your drives

QupZilla problems



'ebuild- v2'

'emq-v1' - to help choose which version of emacs to use

Life on the bleeding edge 1 - emacs

Sudden catastrophic loss of free space!

The new kid on the block - QupZilla

YASnippet, your own snippets, and lorem-ipsum

Passwords 3 - Passwordless password manager

A New Plank

lrs - logoff/reboot/shutdown?

emacs theme problems

"Wallpaper" - v1

"radiostreams-v2.0" - A New MPD playlist

What to do when your email gets hacked - and how to prevent it

A strong, secure password

How to Create a Secure, Memorable, Password

How to restore one file from an obnam backup

And yet more testing!

Hello World, and Welcome to 2014!

The lowdown on 'org2blog'

A new 'mv'

Hello, World

Evernote and ..... a linux client? NixNote or Everpad?

Poor-Mans-Spotify aka PMS

'mengen' and 'fluxmenu'

Fluxwant v3.0

Gone to bitbucket!

You've seen 'want', now you can have 'fluxwant'!

A 'super' command - want

Show - a new command

Troubleshooting MPD

Obnam unlock and force-lock

Obnam conf files



Git and my github

Obnam and MPD restore

A new host!

Protecting files and folders from unwanted deletion

Update on 'linux counter'

GreatLittleRadioPlayer - streaming radio!

Whaaw media player

Fluxbox part 5 - semi-dynamic menus

On free software

Tint2, lxpanel, cairo-dock, docky, perlpanel, awn?


Obnam tweaks

Restore from obnam backup

Obnam scripts


cairo-dock + fluxbox.

Three good NotePads

Fluxbox, part 4 - usermenu

How to Report Bugs Effectively

Pyradio - radio from the commandline!

Cryptkeeper - usage


I'm sorry Fluxbox....

Backup v5.6

Bye Bye Fluxbox!

Backing up with 'Obnam'

Why I use Linux

A new contender for my desktop - Fluxbox - part 1

Fluxbox menus - part 2

Fluxbox - part 3



Themeing LibreOffice

Amended backup script - now version 5.1!

More streaming radio - in Spanish!


Desktop Environments


LibreOffice errors

Bash aliases

Reinstall, jdiskreport, emptyTrash, debian-timescale, startup, podcasts

MPD playlist

New Desktop - LXDE

Amended conky scripts



Wheezy and MATE

New phone and Evernote

Amended backup script




More bash scripting

More bash scripts



Mind-mapping software


Renaming to mp3

Some Useful emacs key presses

Backing up my mp3 music collection

Upgrading to wheezy?

Keyboard Shortcuts


Tasklist colours in KDE

A new installation

Backing Up DVD's - part 2

Backing up DVD's

Password Keepers

GNOME control center

Tweaks - 2

Creating space

rsync and USB - part 3

rsync and USB - part 2

rsync and USB


gmail and iceweasel

Elvis is dead!


Begone kmail date bars!

File Indexing

Tweaks - 1


Crontabs and cron jobs

Bash prompt


KDE menu

334501 linux counter

Time for a change - 2

LibreOffice 3.4.0

A new start!

Backups and rsync

Time for a change

The green side of the fence!

A smooth transition to the light :)

Add Close buttons to Konqueror tabs


10 Reasons Engineers Hate The Phone!