I've finally got Debian 6 set up the way that I want and not the way that the partition wizard wants! It wanted a / of just 350mb which was way too small for any decent work to be done on it! So, at the fourth attempt I've got it set up with

Boot = 256mb
/ = 10G
Usr = 8G
Opt = 3G
Var = 3G
Swap = 1G
Tmp = 2G
Home = 130G

All of which should be stable for several years to come, I hope.

And I've stopped using rsnapshot for doing my backups with, as twice now its eaten all my / which has taken me a long time to get it sorted out and me working properly again. Instead I'm using 'rsync', with the command being - sudo rsync -av /home/boztu/ /media/disk/20110521/ - and I just change the date appropriately.


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