To create a new backup file for burning to dvd, use this command line tool -

tar cvzf 20120115.tar.gz 20120115

which is very effective and quite quick too.

To log the output use the following command -

tar cvzf 20120116.tar.gz 20120116 >> /home/boztu/cron/log.txt 2>&1

to rename an external usb hard drive from /media/8eef3b99-c17b-4913-ae61-d34c7fd5d459 to /media/backup

sudo umount /dev/sdb1

sudo e2label /dev/sdb1 backup

  • disable the entry in fstab

sudo emacs /etc/fstab

  • unplug the drive
  • plug the drive back in

and lo and behold, its mounted as /media/backup and available for backups again. with a much simpler, and more memorable name.


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