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I've found that the 'linux counter' has changed from when I last wrote about it on the 20th June 2011 Linux Counter

It is now at where you can register yourself and download a script which silently works behind the scenes on your computer. It is described as 'The New LinuxCounter Project - Get counted as a linux user and register your linux boxes'.

On a Debian box you can add these lines to your '/etc/apt/sources.list' -

deb oneiric main 
deb-src oneiric main

and then just run -

sudo apt-get update

followed by -

sudo apt-get install lico-update

But you might find it easier to get it with 'wget', like this -

wget -N --no-cache

and then -

chmod +x

to make it executable. You then run - -i

and follow the prompts that it gives you.

You can then call up your profile, after you've registered and fine-tune it to give more information, and you will also get a small graphic like this -

Figure 1

which shows your registration number and how many computers you've registered with them.


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