I'm afraid that I'm addicted to trying out various programmes and desktops, and one that I've tried before is Razor-qt which I've just revisited and its moved on and is now very workable, and I've moved over to it from LXDE. It is currently showing version 0.4.1-2 in the unstable repository, but there is a more up-to-date version available at http://razor-qt.org/ with version 0.5.2.

There are plans afoot to merge razor-qt and LXDE both of which are niche desktops with a small developer base's, and a merger would benefit both desktop environments leading to a really serious desktop environment.

But my desktop under razor is having a top panel with my system tray, and cairo-dock at the bottom, which is exactly the same under LXDE. But my beef with razor is that I can have clip-it, a clipboard management programme, running but no icon showing in the system tray.

So to get round that problem, which to me is a deal-breaker, I use LXDE where it all just works flawlessly. I've had a play around with enlightenment - a nice desktop but seemingly mainly eye-candy with a steep learning curve to get anything serious done, and awesome which requires major work just to get a menu and desktop showing! And I just don’t have the time to spend configuring it for the menus, or to get a rollup/rolldown button on the title bar of programmes windows. [SOLUTION - use the 'openbox' configuration manager > appearance > window titles > shading].


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