Beeb is working again with a new 'get_iplayer', version 2.90 which you can get with this command -

curl -kLO https://raw.github.com/dinkypumpkin/get_iplayer/latest/get_iplayer

and then once you've made it executable, and copied it to /usr/local/bin you need to update your radio and tv caches with this command -

get_iplayer –refresh –type=tv,radio

Then you can start using 'beeb', and updating its feeds as required.

Removed, as no longer useful as new version uploaded.

Please note

One thing you should note is that if you've setup 'get_iplayer’ to also work from the command-line, then it uses the same configuration for saving your files when using 'beeb'. Which means that 'get_iplayer' is over-riding 'beeb's configuration. I'm hoping to sort this out in the next couple of days. And also update two manuals :)


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