I've just discovered GreatLittleRadioPlayer which has quite probably got the longest programme name I've ever seen! But its a streaming radio player for ubuntu and fedora, but I've got the 32-bit version working on Debian testing, with only one easily fulfillable dependency too. It can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/glrpgreatlittleradioplayer/home.

It describes itself as A robust internet radio station streamer for Ubuntu and Fedora based Linux distributions. It connects to web sites offering radio streaming and lets you play radio stations directly from that locations. With Great Little Radio Player, you will have collection of more then 370 radio stations worldwide. Best part, it's free of charge. Current version: 1.4.4. Is it allowed that music player for linux look good? Find out the answer!

The choice of stations is quite large and the variety of genres is also large, and heres its screenshot -

Figure 1

When it is installed on Debian, it puts its executable in a non-standard place, specifically -


with its fluxbox menu entry being

[exec] (GreatLittleRadioPlayer) {/opt/extras.ubuntu.com/glrp/GreatLittleRadioPlayer}

It has 38 different skins, so you can get it looking like an ipod if you want :)


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