My scripts continue to grow and improve, and these are just the most recent additions -

# for setting history length see HISTSIZE and HISTFILESIZE in bash(1)
export HISTTIMEFORMAT="%a %h %d – %r # "

bind "set completion-ignore-case on"
This is part of my .bashrc, and the export command gives an output like this
  1234  Sun Apr 07 –  8:42:13 am BST # h1

at the terminal command line, with the line number being on the left, then the date, then the time and lastly your prompt after the #.

With the bind prompt, this is the outcome -

cd d

press TAB twice, which gives

"Desktop/ Documents/ dots/ down/ Downloads/ dpkg-cache/ Dropbox/ "

Notice how you get both of the lower-cased directories, and the upper-cased ones too.

I've also changed my truecrypt alias which now says -

alias tc='nohup truecrypt &'

which is far more logical and actually works. It opens up truecrypt into a terminal and then its login box, you log into it, and it then starts and you can CTRL+C to break out of the terminal window without stopping truecrypt. Lovely jubbly!


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